Hi there, my name Jonathan Gan and this is the breakdown of my journey building my first chrome extension from scratch.

Chrome Extensions are mini programs that add features to the core browser.

Well, by necessity, most extensions are simple icon click executions that perform a given action. That action can literally be anything you want the Chrome browser to do.

Now the goal of the project was to create a survey that could be administered on a tablet at hospitals to patients who had covid-19 to see if they could remember where they’ve been in comparison to their Google Timeline Data if the data is present.

Pulling a template

I am natively a react/react-native…

This semester I am taking differential Equations and this is a study guide/cheatsheet I’m writing to help me better understand my notes and to help anyone else understand the topic who maybe in similar boat.


A First Course In DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS with Modeling Applications (11th Edition)


Florida Polytechnic University

Note: I will try to not use textbook language wherever possible but I will include Book definition in some form to allow me to elaborate on what the book definition means.

Calc 2 skills such as

  • Logarithms and their properties
  • Complete the square
  • Partial Fraction decomposition

Table of contents:

i. Introduction


Systems and Signals(FA 2020_EEL3135.01FX ENGR)

I will take all notes on the class here and then build a study guide at the end

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Semester: Fall 2020

School: Florida Polytechnic University

Textbook: Digital Design and Computer Architecture, Second Edition

Continuous-time and discrete-time systems analysis, focusing on linear time-invariant (LTI) systems and the classification of these systems, is presented in this course.

Convolution and its application to LTI systems, the Laplace, Fourier, and Z transforms, the Fourier series and their application to the analysis of LTI systems will also be presented.

Industry applications will be a specific focus.

After successfully completing the…

Captain Ape, reporting for duty.


Open So I’ve been buying these fucking internet clout tokens since god damn 2017 and Man its been wild.

Anyways I’m still no klepo or those dudes so I fearlessly ape the BEAR minimum that might win.

I found this platform:

And this exchange:

and this DCA bot:


Basically create an account on FTX while on a VPN, deposit like $60 and then setup API keys. …

Date: 11/30/2020

Last edit: 03/31/2021

Sleeping in my car, working 2 jobs (50+ hrs/week), and struggling.

Photo by Ev on Unsplash

So this obviously doesn’t just HAPPEN, but I think in my circumstance life has been interesting to say the least…

My current situation:

I was kicked out in the midst of the 2020 Pandemic by my mom and was forced to finance a car, get 2 jobs just to survive, and after months of sleeping in my car I save enough to sign a lease on an apartment

Between the two jobs I make about $2k a month and between my car and apartment…

This is the cloud chillin in her room

A cool Christmas gift for her or anyone that has seen them on TikTok

So what you’ll need:

Once you have the above, you’re ready to get started

Part 1: Assemble Cloud shell

So to start you’ll need a clear empty container, I used a gallon jug from Walmart

Once I emptied it, I sprayed it with adhesive and covered it with cotton

pretty straight forward just make the container look like a cloud

Part 2: Making the Smart LEDs that go inside

For this we will be programming a NodeMCU…

Computer Architecture and Organization(FA 2020_EEL4768C.01FX ENGR)

I will take all notes on the class here and then build a study guide at the end

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Semester: Fall 2020

School: Florida Polytechnic University

Textbook: Digital Design and Computer Architecture, 2nd Edition

Microprocessors have revolutionized our world–Cell phones, Internet, rapid advances in medicine, etc.

The semiconductor industry has grown from $21 billion in 1985 to $300 billion in 2011

Abstraction — Hiding details when they aren’t important

Discipline — Intentionally restrict design choices

Hierarchy — Intentionally restrict design choices

Modularity — Having well-defined functions and interfaces

Regularity — Encouraging uniformity, so modules can…

I made my first 100k likes, I have about 3,800 followers and I’m only just getting started

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

This is an article I’m writing to help solidify my expertise on the platform and to help others on the platform grow their personal brand

This is about my TikTok that is semi-viral about getting very cheap food delivery

Photo by Lidye on Unsplash

SO to start off you’ll need

  1. a discord account
  2. A peer-to-peer money sending app like this one

Once you have those you will join this server (this will continuously be updated as servers get banned)

Hungry AIO: https://discord.gg/fHzrtWa

Duckopolis: https://discord.gg/TgWWb6f

More will be added to this list as more people reach out to me…

Once you have joined, search for a food ‘plug’ for the respective restaurant you are looking to order from.

Once you find a plug serving the restaurant you are looking for, message…

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Today is October 27th 2020, I moved back in with my mom sometime around March of this year and ever since then, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions, stress, fighting, and struggling to get by due to friction with my mom.

I originally had an apartment by campus since Im in college but she convinced me I’d was better of moving back home…

My mom and I have always had problems but now its reached an all time manipulative high where I pay her bills and she barely helps me, won’t talk to me, and the car I drive…

Jonathan Gan

Computer engineering major blogging about primarily personal projects, programming, and blockchain

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