Better Improving My Self, A Journal.

Jonathan Gan
2 min readApr 2, 2022
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So this is going to be a diary type of deal as I work on bringing up my grades, less on girls, and harder on getting money and paying off everything.

I am going to start by writing down 5 things Im going to employ today as I work on bettering myself as a person and my life situation.

A. Take a selfie in a bathroom every-time you leave a county, country or city.

It will be a place to document your life since those tend to be interesting photos and it will combine both the good and bad days you spend in a bathroom in a single timeline and will motivate you to always end up in a better bathroom kind alike a social class

B. Try to automate the following (via an app)

Turn on the following settings or algorithms during work times regardless of current surroundings :

  1. Record time of work — end or til closed
  2. Close all apps beside Spotify/apple music/ other music app
  3. Play Pre-selected music playlist
  4. Turn on bot for replying to texts that come in with a prebuilt business card and/or message
  5. turn on do not disturb.
  6. remind to get earbuds , water, open in app to do list generator ( for lockscreen ? )
  7. Try to document past work places to help you better see your best work locations (include contacts)

C. Try to make at least $100 per day

Maybe start a store or work enough to make $10 an hour, Even if I don’t have a job that makes $100 per hour, I will value my time at $10/hr making me motivated to make at least 10 hours of work in in any given day

D. Waste less time

Wasting time on social media can be super detrimental especially when the social media work is kinda secondary and doesn’t directly pay you or earn you a paycheck

E. Work on better scheduling my day to incorporate breakfast lunch dinner and meal prep.

Current Status : At the time of written this(03/14/20), my college has moved to online, I am a computer engineering major so I know some code, I am president of programming club, Most of the earth feels shutdown due to Corona Virus and I live in a 3 bed room apartment w/ 2 roommates


  1. IABR — In A Bathroom app for the challenge above idea as social media
  2. Food Allergy Scan — My friend has a lot of allergies and asked me
  3. Poly Prophet — An app being used for my school for R&D under Programming Club
  4. Programming Club and Phoenix Hacks — I need to fully assume


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Differential Equations

Calc 3




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