I made my first 100k likes, I have about 3,800 followers and I’m only just getting started

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Some of my stats for refrence
  • Your Second goal is 10,000 followers to get in the creator fund, once this is done you will be getting money for your content alone
  • Your first priority is branding your account around a niche
  • Make your first 9 videos as good as possible, if you misuse your initial exposure the algorithm won’t reward you
  • Once you get initial engagement, respond with more content to keep followers watching
  • Your goal for each piece of content should first be the engagement time and then your next goal is to have a call to action
  • If you believe your account is salvageable, basically not shadow banned or flagged than proceed to identify the niche you want to fall under
  • Private any video that didn’t fall under the niche unless the video is above like 10k views as this can help draw account attention
  • Make the account bio and aesthetic match the niche a bit with a sense of style, make it look professional
  • Try to dissociate the account from any negative or poorly made content, even if it’s viral it may not be good for gaining a following
  • Get to 10,000 followers for the creator fund
  • Use the link in bio properly with call to actions so that your content can make you money before joining the creator fund

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