Free Food From TikTok

Acquiring the bag one Uber eats order at a time

So today is September 6th 2020, I’m hungry, just over broke, and I want to get better at coding.

I am in my senior year of computer engineering.

And I saw a Tiktok on how to get free Uber eats so I figured this is the perfect moment to test my abilities:

If I code this I can eat food at work without cooking.

Im selfish, get over it.

Ok so plan of attack:

Code a script that uses chromium web-driver with Tor to upvote my referral code/link on 10+ Discount Websites to promote usage of my promo code.

First I need to enter my code/link on 10 websites:

  1. Retail me not

This is actually kinda hard, heres some research

SO I went ahead and downloaded TOR, bought a VPN, and now we look into writing a script



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