Getting my first 100k views on TikTok

Jonathan Gan
3 min readJan 12, 2020


The infamous TikTok that makes random stuff viral


So I am a Computer Engineer major and have little to no interest in being internet famous. I went home for a break over summer and one of my friends showed me the app. ( He now has almost a million followers so I wish I had listened )

I downloaded the app and then never used it which was around March of 2019. After hearing a lot of discussion and statistics about the platform I decided if I make some programming related content and other funny videos maybe I could use that to build my business so I started actually using the platform in November uploading the silliest video I could think of.

After many tries of different types of content, I finally got a couple of videos that got 2-20k +views

This is a recap of everything I know about the platform and how I play on curating content to grow my account

Biggest Tips

  1. Post Multiple times Daily
  2. Don’t be afraid to repost
  3. Hashtags aren’t that important
  4. Use a pro account
  5. Make content that is either funny or informative

What I know about going viral

At first like anyone I had no idea what I was doing

I started making videos and like you’d expect, very little views or engagement

Now I knew there was a way to get views so I started moving into what I was already good at: being funny

At first still no luck but I started to realize the videos that do well had a half decent punch line and if you incorporate music you’re golden

I got couple hundred views and my account grew a bit but when I got to 200ish I made a TikTok related to a trending topic and with the right hashtags and this got me to about 20k views + 1.5k likes on one video.


Not Famous but definitely more attention then I was used to

I kept at it and it went from 20k views back to 30–100 views

I learned pretty quickly that any attention you do get on the app leaves pretty quickly

I mimicked similar trending content and after a some time I started getting the hang of the app

One thing I noticed is that as I built a stronger following, getting views became much easier and this helped me get more viral content faster

I recently did it again with 34k views and about 3k likes on a video

I’m still learning but I realized my sweet spot is 7pm and if it doesn’t get a good number of views just re-upload it and see what happens.

I will update this article as I go but funny content does significantly better than anything else and if you want to build a following, just do what you enjoy recording and make it funny!

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