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I know you know what I mean, Here are my tips

So I myself have gone through the ‘ringer’ with college so I figure if nothing else, I’m going to share my insider tips and pros for newbies or people that are struggling like me to get by. If these tips don’t help you, you’re probably not serious enough or you need some serious help with which I’d love to help!

My instagram is @Cryptocurrensea , feel free to DM me for more help or tips or even just someone to be friends with :)

Tip #1. KEEP school as priority

Now many go into college as their #1 priority but as they start to slip up or see large refunds, they get side tracked on the less important things which eventually takes a toll on their happiness and GPA. Ive seen it especially with all the people I started freshman year to now, either they couldn’t take the heat or money became the issue. If you stay focused on school and you work hard, you will get your degree of choice. Notice not everyone has the consistency to get through their degree paths and thats on them. Don’t let small fumbles get in your way just because you get stressed or worried.

My advice is plan out your homework and studying every Sunday which is a tactic I learned from Jesse Itzler at a 10x Growth conference. I am a computer engineering student and my homework can be pretty outrageous but by writing about my struggles and focusing on my studies first, I’ve gotten a lot further than I thought I would (at the time of writing I am a sophomore more becoming a junior but this won’t be published til after graduation) .

Tip #2. Pick good roommates and keep your circle small

Now depending on your degree, you may be able to do it all — Get all your work done, do it well, have a social life, and not have to stress about money…

But for me as with many others, you’ll benefit from the distance from bad influences. Well what do I mean? Think about this:

The nurture vs nature debate is definitely a blend of the two in life. Sure you might have been raised perfectly but eventually those that are around you will have some influence and whoever raised you (probably your parents) won’t always keep you out of harms way.

My first two years on campus I fell into that trap of oh they’re just friends but I had to face reality and made the decision to move to an apartment where I could have room to breathe, focus, and focus on my self to grow as a person.

Having friends is more than ok, but having too much fun when your focus is school is a very bad route if you want to succeed. I knew a lot of people that dropped out because they couldn’t take the heat so overall, do what makes you happy and stay consistent with your work and you should be fine.

Tip #3. Resources!

And for my third and most important tip, use your resources!

In this day of age, everyone has access to the internet but in college you get access to things like mentors, internships, clubs, and numerous programs that aren’t available elsewhere so why not take advantage of them? I mean you are paying for them right? (or someone else is and you’re very lucky).

Take advantage of activities that help you reach your passion and goals no matter what they are. Live a little and explore yourself because you never know where life is going to take you and you may never get certain opportunities again. I took advantage of the first hackathon on campus and now Im super invested in technology like I never thought possible and it’s crazy.

Talk to guidance counselors, meet people who are in clubs you like, join groups for events, heck even just go find the posters on campus because theres likely something to do, you just need to be open minded!

Overall, college is a great experience for some and a waste for others but that all stems from how hard you work and how willing you are to let it make you a better person in life!

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