Learning Wordpress From Scratch in 2020

Jonathan Gan
2 min readApr 2, 2022


Why learn Wordpress in 2020? WordPress is used by 62.7% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 35.9% of all websites.

Wordpress is a platform & software for deploying/building great websites quickly and easily but sometimes it can be a little complicated

For those that don’t already know, I am a computer engineering student who does freelance software development & advising and I can connect people that have need business needs since I have a strong network.

Now I recently I brought on a client and he does fishing and has a website being Hosted on GoDaddy using Wordpress:

I usually develop primarily in React and React Native as it says on my business car but I rarely step outside of the that space if I don’t need to but in this case I need to since he can more easily access the backend in this case.

Part 1. What is Wordpress

In short, Wordpress is a Development application that allows users and site owner to interact between a database

This diagram is a breakdown of how the platform functions and how the interaction between it and your user would occur.

Wordpress acts as a content management system where you can easily add and remove things from a database and this will easily be reflected on the front end almost immediately.

WordPress is great for many businesses that may not have the strongest development background while also allowing developers to write custom PHP (primarily). It also makes use of the programming languages of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

*A couple weeks later*

So that’s not all that important, what is important:

To get started you just need a running back end for WordPress's Database to use, I downloaded Xampp and run a local php database on using it.

When I first started the article I was just researching but over the past few weeks I’ve been resorted to actually

Part 2. How can I build for it

So for me I started by looking up free themes and I found that a free “Airi aTheme” was a great start for the goal we had in mind

But depending on your project in mind, you should thoroughly research and try different themes until you find the one that is best fit for you.

For my client, I just did some basic configurations for his

Part 3. Pro-tips for optimizing



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